[courtesy of Clare Goodwin
WHY (and when) DO WE NEED IT?
  • Psychotherapy is called upon when a need for change is called for by the individual's psyche. This happens when "things" and "issues" start disturbing the flow of our life, interfering with our thoughts and acts, and at times even feel like "taking over" our peace. Occurrences of that kind may be triggered by a specific event or just "pop up" after a long period of "incubation".
  • Being stressed or depressed, troubled by those "things" and "issues", fears and phobias,annoying thoughts and/or habits are usually far from indicating that we have a "mental illness" or "mental condition". It just indicates our humanity, since life is a complex phenomenon. We are constantly seeking for meaning and growth, and being a part of a larger whole is often a painstaking process.


Sometimes we seek professional help when "things" start bothering and disturbing us, being triggered by an event or accumulating then "popping up". But people also turn to psychotherapy just because they arrive at a stage where they want to find and explore their own inner Meaning and direction.



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