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  • Hypnotherapy is a "branch" of psychotherapy that aims at tackling those "things and issues" by using hypnosis.

Hypnosis is an altered state of awareness. It is a way of enabling conscious-alertness to "step aside" and make way for an encounter with the unconscious. The keyword is "encounter" as opposed to detachment or separation. In other words - the conscious mind participates; it becomes an observer and listener to the contents coming from within by allowing its uninterrupted flow.

  • Hence hypnosis is a tool in the psychotherapeutic process. It is an amazingly powerful tool, enabling us to overcome the natural "barriers" initially set in us to protect ourselves, but are, in fact preventing us from "going down there" to solve the conflicts.

  • The following will attempt to exemplify the above:

State of Hypnosis
Have you ever driven a car for some time, arrived at your destination only to realise that you remember nothing of the way, the traffic, the road signs and the scenery? You have been thinking, daydreaming, fantasising and imagining things while actually driving on "automatic pilot" mode! It was your conscious awareness that undertook the driving process automatically while allowing the content of different unconscious layers to surface. This is, in fact, a form of hypnosis...
Encountering Habits
You have developed some kind of a habit, say, overeating, or smoking, or a peculiar working system, which you feel to be disturbing and of which you are eager to be rid. There are reasons for being unable to quit, and at times there might be some events in your past that have triggered those. Whatever the cause may be - you can not stop them and "something" won't let you encounter these reasons and events. Hypnosis can enable your conscious defenses to "agree" to rest, allowing you to meet with the originators. Once this has taken place, contents of consciousness and unconsciousness in you will start "talking" to each other...
Treating Trauma
A psychological trauma is an emotional outcome of an event in one's past that has now triggered a symptom which can manifest emotionally, behaviourally and even physically. In order to resolve such a disturbing outcome one needs to get down to its source of origin, which is now lying deep in the unconscious. Like in the above case of habit, hypnotherapy can enable the "going-back-in-time" down to the source, the road which is currently "blocked" by conscious defenses. The resolution is then to follow.

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