[courtesy of Clare Goodwin
  • We do owe much to good old Freud for his pioneering and ingenious "discovery" of the unconscious and his tremendous contribution to the understanding of the human psyche. We are also gratefully indebted to his "unveiling" of human sexuality which, until his time was a great taboo.
  • Nonetheless we are also indebted to Jung for his brilliant exposure of the Collective Unconscious and its Archetypes, expanding the scope of the unconscious to include all human features beyond the personal.
  • It is true that sexuality is a very potent force governing our lives. To Freud it is THE force. But is it really the case? Is our life reduced to nothing but sexuality, to the extent that every feature of our psychic world is derived only from it?
  • For Jung, sexuality is a part (important and powerful as it may be) of a greater WHOLE. Humans constantly search for meaning, smaller or greater, to the flow of life; sexuality is a major component in that sought-after whole, but definitely not the one and only.
  • Without undermining the power and affect of sexuality on life, humans are not merely procreating/pleasure-seeking creatures; they "run" on more than mere bodily instincts. The constant search for a meaningful life (including sexuality) is a unique human feature greater than its components.


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