[courtesy of Clare Goodwin
  • Picture the following scenario: You have just told a close friend about something that is bothering you - every morning, at exactly one hour before leaving for work you contract an unpleasant headache which disappears entirely once you arrive there; it bothers you, and you can not understand why this happens. Your friend, who is not into psychology, but has a sound "common sense" suggests the following: "Since you love your work (and the resolved headache once at works confirms that), why not pretend that the time of your headache is the time you are already at work, a part of your work schedule". You start thinking about this idea for a few days, then decide to give it a try; it does not do the trick immediately, but to your surprise it starts "working" after two or three attempts... Suggestion works!
We act through suggestions, our own or other's many times a day, every day, but we are not fully aware of the phenomenon.
  • Suggestions work efficiently and faster under clinical hypnosis, since the conscious/critical mind is bypassed, allowing our unconscious to "accept" them directly, then convey them to the entire system.
  • Suggestions are not necessarily direct. Just think of an event when you conveyed some idea to someone, and he/she responded saying "do you really think so...?" only to find yourself questioning that very idea a few days later... There is no surprise then that suggestions are powerful tools of the psyche and quite essential to any kind of psychotherapy.


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