[courtesy of Clare Goodwin
  • Once you have decided to encounter your "issues" and seek professional help you may find yourself asking:
  1. What is the right psychotherapy for me?
  2. Who is the right psychotherapist for me?
  3. What good can psychotherapy be for me?
  4. Will I "lose" my good old self?
  • The answers are straight forward:

1. At the end of the day, there are no "better" or "worse" psychological "schools" and it is down to the professionalism, integrity and experience of the psychotherapist to refer you elsewhere if and when he/she believes he/she is not the right one for your immediate needs.

  2. Trust your gut feelings. When you first meet a psychotherapist, even if you feel somewhat "nervous" about that meeting, both you and the therapist will know whether or not there is a human "chemistry". After all, it is going to be a dialogue, and like in any other first encounter or a "blind date" - you know!

3. Psychotherapy aims to put you in touch with the "hidden", inner side of your soul, the source of reasoning. By so doing it will enable you to deal with these "things" and "issues" and enhance your capacity to change and move forward and get yourself "unstuck".

  4. No. Humans do not "replace" personality with another. They are, though, capable of enhancing and expanding their own personality to its full so that they can benefit a much fuller life. Following a successful therapy your "good old self" can become better coping and better understanding.




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